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Bluebird ELC for synchronous generator MHP systems has reached a stable build phase but is still being upgraded. This section of the wiki contains all of the development information to date as well as schematics, software and assembly guides. The control board is designed to be as versatile as possible for future improvements in control methods and to be used as a platform for testing with ballast load switching circuitry.

Standard System Diagram

Standard System Overview


  • Voltage, frequency monitoring
  • Up to 6 current measurements ( 3 consumer, 3 Ballast ) - Currently potential issues with the circuit
  • 6 Independent ballast load control circuits
  • Supports single phase systems with up to 6 steps of ballast load for minimal line noise.
  • Supports 3-phase systems with 1 or 2 steps of ballast load per phase.
  • Bluetooth connectivity for wireless realtime monitoring, setup and control
  • Data-logging features for capturing system usage profiles. Currently logs voltage, frequency and ballast utilization at programmable intervals.
  • All control parameters configurable including setpoint for 50/60Hz systems, over/under frequency, over/under voltage
  • Modular load switching circuitry to scale design for small or large systems
  • Main consumer and emergency ballast contactor control relays