Canary Software

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Embedded Software

The embedded software can be loaded into the Atmel AVR micro-controller using a programmer/debugger as described in the Canary Embedded Software section. If you want to build the code from source for modification or further development details on installing Git can be found here, and a brief tutorial on using Git can be found here.

Precompiled Binaries

  • Processor: The processor the software is compiled for.
  • Nominal System Frequency: The frequency the electrical system should be controlled to (50/60Hz).
  • Alarm Frequency: The frequency the alarm will begin to sound.
  • Under-Frequency Cutoff: The frequency the ELC will disconnect the supply.
Name Processor Nominal System Frequency Alarm Frequency Under-Frequency Cutoff Software Version Hardware Version Download
CanaryChic ATMEGA328P 50 Hz 49.5 46.0 1.00 Rev 1.0 Download ELF